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Description of Color Gear: color palette Color Gear is a useful all-in-one color tool that helps to create harmonious palette. To find the right color palette, designers and artists use color theory and the basis of it: color wheel and harmony. You don’t need to be a color expert in order to use this app – Color Gear is a user-friendly application suitable for artist and beginners. The perfect app for understanding color theory and daily creating palettes. Use color wheel that suits your needs Our app supports two color models — RGB Color Wheel (additive model) and Itten Color Wheel (subtractive model). RGB (the primary colours are Red, Green, Blue) is used to create colors in digital media. RYB color circle (Red, Yellow, Blue) relates specifically to color in the form of paint and pigment in art and design. For both RGB and RYB Color wheel (Itten circle) you can apply one of the 10 plus color schemes. Build color palette based on the added color code Just type in the color name (HEX or RGB color code) and discover different color harmonies matching this particular colour. Ability to extract colors from images: palette extractor This feature will turn your photos into palettes! Find what colors is inside photos. Select the desired picture from your gallery and the application’s algorithms will automatically obtain colors from the image. Also you can manually pick colors from the photo with the Color Picker (eyedropper). Copy a particular HEX color code under color swatch to the clipboard and Paste it in the first Tab – in this case you will discover different color harmonies matching your particular color from the image. Save the Palette along with the Image This feature gives an ability to Create a Collage. Choose a layout, place the palette on the image and Share it on social media or via messenger, or save it. Advanced color editing tool By clicking on the particular color swatch you can easily edit the color values (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) with precision. Easy to manage and share Easily Save, Share, Remove and Edit already saved palettes. To open the menu just Swipe left your saved palette. You can always copy a HEX color code under color swatches to the clipboard. Six color formats available in palette info (RGB, HEX, LAB, HSV, HSL, CMYK). Color wheel RGB and RYB, 10+ color harmony schemes, option to enter a color code (color name), ability to get a color palette from image or photo, Color Picker tool (color grab), color detector and an ability to save the palette along with the image. All these tools are always at hand in one application that works offline! Create harmonious palette with ease. We are always glad to receive your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us:🤓

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